Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Most Popular Car Colors

I recently read an article from a website on the most popular colors for cars. In Asia, white is the most popular followed by Black and Natural/Silver. I wonder what they meant on Natural color.
It makes sense. We have a white SUV and the are smaller cars are red. How about you, what are the colors of your car?

Here is the link to the website for the most popular car colors.

Would you agree with me that the design of the car has a matched color that it brings out the beauty of the design? For example, big cars like SUVs, white is the best match for me. I just don't know why? It maybe is subjective though. But for example for small cars like the 2008-2014 mazda 2 hatchback, all their colors that went out with this model seems to match the design of the hatch.

Toto the Music Band

In this lifetime, I have only encountered one music band who has a lot songs titled with names of ladies. And to name a few popular songs there is Rosanna, Anna and Lea.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Personal Weight Loss Experience

Like everyone else, people are trying everything to control weight. There are lots of things in the internet that talks about solutions either physical, food, gadgetries etc. I have read thru a lot in the internet and there are lots and lots. In so far as my experience, cutting down on food especially at night works for me. I replaced my dinner with USANA and had a crack on this for a two weeks in preparation for a wedding that we will attend. I lost over 5lbs in less than two weeks. I felt more energized and lighter. And to think I did not even follow strictly their diet program.

I am into this dinner diet again and I think I can loose more if I am more consistent. I will let you the results going into more than 4 weeks of this

Inverter Technology and my experience

Since the start of the year 2015, we have replaced our conventional refrigerator to the inverter type fridge. Likewise we changed our regular window type airconditioning unit to a split type inverter.
Guess what after a few months of use, i have been consistently saving about 2k pesos a month. I think in about 2 to 3 years time, the savings on electricity will pay for the cost of the inverter appliances.

We got the Panasonic inverter refrigerator.

We got the split type inverter aircon Koppel.

We will know further if maintenance cost will outweigh the electricity savings.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Metro Manila Traffic

As far as 1990s traffic in Metro Manila was already a pressing issue. In fact for our undergraduate thesis we developed an automated traffic control system and in this study we have identified key areas that needs to be addressed to solve the traffic congestion. First is the traffic control system that is adaptable and automated. Next is vehicle policies which should control volume and presence of vehicles. Third is pedestrian discpline where policies should be in place to discipline road behaviors. Fourth is drivers'  discipline abd courtesy in the road where policies should also be enforced. And lastly infrastructure to accommodate traffic volume. In our thesis we targeted the automated traffic control system. Our work has brought us to present even to national traffic forum sponsored byJICA and DOTC where we were lauded for our work.

So after 20 years, here are my thoughts on traffic in MetroManila
1. There are too many cars on the road. As evidence, people use the road as their parking. Two lane secondary roads become one lane because people park their cars on the road as their homes don't parking. We should have a policy no valid parking area no car ownership priviledge.
2. Intelligent and smarter traffic enforcers. Most often you find traffic enforcers in a group i  areas where there seemed to be no problem. In areas where you have congestion you would find them just waving their hands. The enforcers objective should be to enforce the law...keep the traffic moving..ie the faster they can move out vehicles from edsa the better the traffic congestion will ease up.
3. MMDA should seek help and solutions from the university. Mechanical and chemical engineering students can propose as thesis structural solutions to MetroManila traffic congestion. MMDA can actually make it as a competition. Engineering students have eng'g courses on fluid dynamics which gives them capacity to develop the solution.

What' your take on traffic now in MetroManila

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kentucky Fried Chicken or Jollibee

I don't know with kids of today. They love fried chicken. Our two boys love to eat them. We often grace these fast food chains to eat chicken whenever we go out go to the malls.

There are only two fast food chains preferred by our kids ie Jolibee and KFC. As for me I like Jolibee for their diverse food offerings that you never get the same thing each day even if you go there daily. Jolibee has non chicken menu which KFC doesnt. What I like about KFC are their juicy chicken and delicious macaroni salad.  What I don't like much about KFC is their not so cooked rice and it is the same to all KFC I have been. Either rice is not cooked enough or not enough water is used.  I hope KFC improved their cooking of rice.

What's your experience with KFC or Jollibee?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Car Detailing

I am a car fanatic but not to a degree where I am fond of car accessories and upgrades. I like our cars stay as original as possible especially to maintain the car design theme. I personally wash our cars and dont have them washed in car wash around the corner.

After one to three years depending upon if the car is new, I have our cars exterior detailed to bring out the color and shine. Googling car detailing brings out the usual car detailers in the business here in Manila. I go thru the feedbacks and reviews and I usually try them.

Here are the car detailers that i have tried so far in order of my recommendation:

1. Meguiar's Kamias - expensive but very detailed works down to the tightest areas and never missing a spot
2. Big Berts Araneta - reasonably priced satisfied results
3. Big Berts Ortigas - reasonably priced but missed spots
4. Meguiar' Shaw - expensive but Meguiars Kamias works are better
5. Pulse Creative - not expensive convenient at home but not as detailed.

Please share your experience.