Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tips: Flying with a cold

I arrived in California two days ago. Prior to my flight, I started to have colds which I think I got from my two kids. I "googled' remedies and I took note of tips such as taking vitamin C, drinking lots of juice and water and taking fisherman's pastilles.  I was only able to buy strepsils and tic-tac mint flavor.  Two days before my flight, I started taking Neozep. I recall the last flight I had from Singapore, I had a cold and got this terrible headache and ear ache.

During my flight of 14 hours total, I did not experience the pain on the head and ear similar to my Singapore flight. During this flight, I took lots of water and juice (apple and orange). In betweens, I took the tic-tac and strepsils. I did not take coffee or any sweets. Although I had colds, I did not experience the pain at all.

While our plane was about to land, a Vietnamese lady started shouting waving her hand indicating that she can't breathe. We can't seem to understand her and we don't know how to help her. I thought she was having a heart attack. Chinese old folks tried to converse with her but she was shouting in pain. We were waving at the flight attendants for help but they would not move from their seats since the plane was about to land. Later she starting talking in English saying she can't breathe and was pointing to her ear. As our plane taxied to the airport, the Vietnamese ( I suppose since he was able to converse with the patient) cautioned us not department while they escort her outside the plane to the paramedics waiting.

Apparently, the lady may have had colds during the flight. Good thing I managed my colds as I feel I may have experienced the pain. I can't imagine myself with my wife, traveling with kids with colds. I would'nt, would you?

Monday, November 5, 2012

The All New 2013 Ford Focus

I received a courier today from LBC. It's a brochure for the all new 2013 Ford Focus. This new design has been launched here in the Philippines in the second half of 2012. In fact there was even test drive on the new model at The Fort Global City where you can test their auto parallel parking feature and you can get yourself video'd.

The Ford Focus brochure came with an offer on 1 year complementary scheduled service plan where Ford will take care of the servicing of the Focus for a year. Now that's a neat  offer and can save you about 10kPhp assuming their service cost for every 6 months is about 5kPhp. Following this, I wonder how they got my mailing address.

I like the new design of the Ford Focus and it is a huge lift from the previous one. It's about time there is a new fresh alternative to the macho Chevy Cruze', curvy Hyundai Elantra, confused Honda Civic and old age Toyota Corolla Altis. I browsed the internet for the reviews of this new model and it has gotten good reviews. says " fantastic to drive, brilliant line of engines, plenty of gadgets", at least for the hatchback version. ranked the all new Ford Focus sedan number one besting over the Mazda 3, Hyundai Elantra, Chevy Cruze and Volkswagen Jetta. Below is the summary of their pros, cons and verdicts.

The Ford Focus 1.6L Trend model I think will be a good choice considering its 1.6 liter enginer, 6 speed with power clutch plus all the gadgets. It can easily best its competition on fuel economy and features.