Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tips: Real Property Tax

It's the start of the new year again and one of the obligations we have to pay to the government is the real property tax. This tax is more commonly called real estate tax or amilyar. If this is not paid regularly there will be penalties. There are cases where this tax was not paid in years, the tax penalty can accumulate to millions.

There are payment options. You can pay in cash or check. You can pay one-year in full or in quarters.If you pay in full between January and March, you will get 10% discount. If you pay quarterly  during January and March you will get 5%. With that I paid our amilyar in full to get the 10% discount. Likewise, note that in Pasig they require community tax certificate as requirement for paying real property tax.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Badminton Shoes

There goes my 3 year old Nike badminton shoes. It lost its grip on the court. Meanwhile I am using my my Nike training shoes to play badminton. My option is to go for brands that are designed for badminton sport but they are usually a lot expensive. Nike would still be my option as it would be less expensive.

Generally to be able to buy the Nike shoe at a lower price, you would wait for a mall sale and usually it is over pay day (15th, 30th). Hardly these first months of the year do you have a mall sale. What we do usually is to go to Nike outlet stores and we usually go to the outlet stores is Paseo de Santa Rosa in Santa Rosa, Laguna. The usual routine here is we travel to Tagaytay early morning and have breakfast there at Jollibee. Then we take our coffee at Starbucks. We buy beef, vegetables, daing and pineapple at Mahogany market.
We then travel back Santa Rosa and shop at the outlet stores. They have a Nike Park outlet and a Nike Factory outlet there. If you are into a more expensive brand, they have a Mizuno outlet also. Unfortunately at that time, the Nike outlets do not have badminton shoes.

View Paseo de Santa Rosa in a larger map

And then there is also a Nike outlet at Total Station along SLEX but we did not bother to go because it is out of our way. Another option I was looking at was Nike Outlet at Marikina riverbanks.

View Marikina Riverbanks in a larger map

Fortunately yesterday I was in Gateway mall in Cubao and I was able to dropby Nike Park store. They had the last pair of Nike Shuttle Court V waiting for me and guess what, it was onsale 40% off.  I was very happy buyer because I was looking into buying online the same shoes but without discount.

I have learned from the staff that all items from their stores that are not purchased once they have them on sale  goes to the outlet stores. You will usually find old model shoes in the outlet stores.