Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kiddie Bike Shop

There is one stage of your life that you crave for a bike starting when you were a kid. My son at 4 years old got interested with the bicycle and his mommy bought him one from a mall. It was a good thing the bike was on sale at 2000Pesos. After a month's used, the front tire went flat and I found out there was hole in wheel interior. I went to the vulcanizing shop, but unfortunately the hole was too big as when it was patched, the patch area bulged with air was put in. They recommended it to have replaced. It was good thing they did not charge me.

Earlier, I was thinking buying a patch kit and unfortunately for me, I was not able to find any in the mall at all. So I search for local bicycle shops around our area and the closest I found on the net were in Mandaluyong and Pasig City proper area. I opted to go this shop at Mandaluyong. Here is their facebook page empress cycle shop.

The wheel interior costed my 70pesos. The person at the shop mentioned that the wheel interior and the rubber tire I brought was of low quality. He was changing to a more durable wheel interior. He mentioned also that sooner or later the rubber tire will also break. He advised also that mall prices for bikes are more than 1000pesos expensive compared to theirs.

So my next trip to this shop will be changing the rubber tires that would cost me 260pesos.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


My wife and I are huge fans of ensaymada. We love eating them together with our hot coffee during merienda time. We have been for a long time buying ensaymada's from Mulach's. Actually my brother from the US takes the opportunity to have a dozen pieces bought and brought to the US whenever he can.

It was until one day while we were doing the usual window mall shopping, we came across this small kiosk at the third floor at SM MegaMall A that sells ensaymada specialty, Perfect Endings. We got interested and tasted their sampler. The ensaymada tasted so good and the sales lady was able to convinced us to buy a dozen especially when she showed us a news clip on Manila Bulletin (MB) listing its top 5 ensaymada in the Philippines.

From then, whenever we go to SM MegaMall and we have the urge to buy ensaymada we buy from Perfect Endings. Last year, I brough 2 boxes with me to the US and my relatives there really liked it.

Here is spot.ph's top 10 best ensaymada in MetroManila.

Lately, we were able to schedule a day to visit MB's top 1 ensaymada in the Philippines, that of Diamond Hotel. Their ensaymada is huge and cost about 145Pesos and it is good for two.

And the verdict, it's now the best ensaymada we have tasted so far. You should try it. I believe Diamond Hotel has a coffe shop in Boni St. in Bonifacio Global city where you can also try it.