Sunday, April 7, 2013

PRC Renewal

I got the chance to renew my PRC Professional Electronics Engineer License together with my brother's yesterday. Travel from Pasig City took about 1.5 hours drive. It was good thing it was summer vacation and I was able to spot a open parking along the streets near PRC. Park all day was at 30 pesos.
I took notes on the PRC renewal process from the internet. You can check this blog.

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So I brought with me the following items:
1. Filled PRC form downloaded from PRC
2. 3 pieces of passport size picture with name plate and white background
3. IECEP certificate of good standing
4. Photocopy of my PRC PECE license

There were procedures on the PRC form but as soon as I arrived at the PRC main building, I went to the straight to the customer  service reception table area and inquired about the renewal process. Apparently, the procedure today is new versus what I read from the PRC form and from the blogs I read. So here is what I have done for my renewal.

1. Secure a stub from the customer service reception table at the PRC main building.
2. Fill out the stub form and paste your passport size picture. There is an available glue from the reception table.
3. Submit this stub together with the IECEP Certificate of Good Standing at Window 13.
4. Wait for your name to be called at Window 17. At 10:15am there were a lot of people there waiting. Over 1.5 hours, my name was called and I was issued a form indicating the fee to be paid.
5. Fall in line outside the PRC main building at the cashier window 32-34 to pay the renewal fee.
Tough luck, the line was long and worst it was almost lunch time. But it was a good thing though, I was almost near the cashier at lunch time where they had only one cashier processing the payments. As I completed my payment, it was 12:30pm and the cashier line was very long.

The renewal process took me more than two hours. My license will be available for pickup in May  as there is no rush renewal at the moment. I recommend going there early or late afternoon for the renewal as the main bottleneck there really would be the cashier payment.