Thursday, November 12, 2015

Personal Weight Loss Experience

Like everyone else, people are trying everything to control weight. There are lots of things in the internet that talks about solutions either physical, food, gadgetries etc. I have read thru a lot in the internet and there are lots and lots. In so far as my experience, cutting down on food especially at night works for me. I replaced my dinner with USANA and had a crack on this for a two weeks in preparation for a wedding that we will attend. I lost over 5lbs in less than two weeks. I felt more energized and lighter. And to think I did not even follow strictly their diet program.

I am into this dinner diet again and I think I can loose more if I am more consistent. I will let you the results going into more than 4 weeks of this

Inverter Technology and my experience

Since the start of the year 2015, we have replaced our conventional refrigerator to the inverter type fridge. Likewise we changed our regular window type airconditioning unit to a split type inverter.
Guess what after a few months of use, i have been consistently saving about 2k pesos a month. I think in about 2 to 3 years time, the savings on electricity will pay for the cost of the inverter appliances.

We got the Panasonic inverter refrigerator.

We got the split type inverter aircon Koppel.

We will know further if maintenance cost will outweigh the electricity savings.