Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Most Popular Car Colors

I recently read an article from a website on the most popular colors for cars. In Asia, white is the most popular followed by Black and Natural/Silver. I wonder what they meant on Natural color.
It makes sense. We have a white SUV and the are smaller cars are red. How about you, what are the colors of your car?

Here is the link to the website for the most popular car colors.

Would you agree with me that the design of the car has a matched color that it brings out the beauty of the design? For example, big cars like SUVs, white is the best match for me. I just don't know why? It maybe is subjective though. But for example for small cars like the 2008-2014 mazda 2 hatchback, all their colors that went out with this model seems to match the design of the hatch.

Toto the Music Band

In this lifetime, I have only encountered one music band who has a lot songs titled with names of ladies. And to name a few popular songs there is Rosanna, Anna and Lea.