Monday, April 11, 2011

Credit Cards with Fuel Rebates

With soaring fuel prices, I am looking into ways of cutting down fuel expenses.  I have been light on the accelarator pedals, coasting on the roads and scheduling my trips and routes. I also looked into these credit cards with fuel rebates ie BPI Petron-Mastercard and Citibank Shell Visa. 
I prepared a sheet to see  whether one can  really have fuel savings using these cards.

Credit Card
BPI Petron Mastercard
Citi Shell Visa Card
Fuel Rebate
Annual Fee
Fuel per year in Peso to be charged to credit to be able to save on Fuel
Fuel per month in Peso to be charged to credit to be able to save on Fuel
Savings per month if fuel per month is at 5000pesos
Savings per month if fuel per month is at 6000pesos
Savings per month if fuel per month is at 10000pesos

Here are my findings:
  1. You have higher rebates with Citibank Shell Visa however the annual fee is higher thank BPI Petron Mastercard
  2. You have to pay annual fees which reduces your "fuel cost savings".
  3. For you to be able to realize savings on fuel cost/rebates, your fuel expenses charged to your credit card should be more than 5,000pesos.  Also you should have full payment every month on your credit card to avoid charges.

If you are going to use these credit cards for the fuel rebates and your fuel expense is not above 5000pesos, you are better off using your regular credit card or cash payment.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Coffee + Work

I needed a place to work. I can't stay in the house as there is too much temptation ie the bed, TV, fridge…  Coffee shops would be the best place to stay. Drop my wife at work in Makati and from there go to a coffee shop and do my work.  Coffee shop needs to be quiet, with free wifi and less people and lastly free parking. In my route and vicinity, I have identified at least three starbucks outlet with free parking. Two are at the end of jupiter street. One is along Shaw Boulevard. I have been to one starbucks outlet along jupiter street. It was quiet, got my grande brewed coffee but wifi is not free. Good thing I have my tattoo stick with me. I am still looking a cheaper place for me to work. I have though about jollibee and will try. Here is a link on coffee shops + office for further reading.

Car Insurance Cheapest I have canvassed

One of the major expenses if you own vehicles are the car insurance.  With Ondoy and recent earthquake calamities motor insurance is a must to protect your vehicles. The motor insurance should include acts of nature (AON) as standard, which was prior to these incidents, was given for free. I had my honda civic motor insurance with free AON, the year was 2008. Typhoon Ondoy was 2009, and now AON is being charged as additional in the motor insurance premium.

I took time to really scout for a good  and cheap car insurance policy. I checked the web (the likes of tsikot)and mostly inquired thru emails.  Actually the insurance companies really responded back with my email inquiry.

I evaluated at least 4 insurance companies.  I ended up buying from BPI MS Insurance considering primarily they have the least cost per  1000 peso car value insured. I did not go that far comparing features and freebies plus, ease of claims. BPI MS had the best in terms of premium versus car value. The following are the list of insurance companies in order of best to the least  in insurance car value
1. BPI MS Insurance
2. Mapfre
3. Malayan