Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kentucky Fried Chicken or Jollibee

I don't know with kids of today. They love fried chicken. Our two boys love to eat them. We often grace these fast food chains to eat chicken whenever we go out go to the malls.

There are only two fast food chains preferred by our kids ie Jolibee and KFC. As for me I like Jolibee for their diverse food offerings that you never get the same thing each day even if you go there daily. Jolibee has non chicken menu which KFC doesnt. What I like about KFC are their juicy chicken and delicious macaroni salad.  What I don't like much about KFC is their not so cooked rice and it is the same to all KFC I have been. Either rice is not cooked enough or not enough water is used.  I hope KFC improved their cooking of rice.

What's your experience with KFC or Jollibee?

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